Sunday, December 2, 2012

U P D A T E !

Hey there, readers!

I just want to start out by saying THANK YOU! To have so many loyal followers who have stuck by my dusty blog. I'd like to explain these past few months again and talk about my plans for the future (of Miss Vee's Nails and my personal life).

At the peak of my blog, I was attending community college - which I believe is also known as junior college? - and I had the free time to write posts and take care of my nails. (Click Full Post to see the full post)

Then, in August of this year, I was accepted to a university meaning I would have to move my most important things, like clothes, my laptop, and myself, into a tiny room. I did bring some polish (my entire Avon collection) but my schoolwork did not grant me enough free time to actually sit down and put real creativity into my nail art.

This means I also had no time to write a post!

Now it is December and winter break/ holiday is upon us. Also, you'll be one of the first to know I am changing my major from architecture to something else. My previous major required several hours of homework meaning I will hopefully be able to post more regularly these next few months.

This is a lot of words, I know, but long story short - I am looking forward to continue writing.

I thank you again for your patience and a huge shout-out to blogger friend Anna, over at for being so kind. Everyone check out her blog - I hear there's  giveaway going on!

Happy painting,

Victoria (Miss Vee)


  1. good luck on what your future holds, i can't wait for some posts :)

  2. HI there! I Tagged you here:

    Have fun! :)


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